Sashimi of Bluefin tuna.

こんにちは。良い、本まぐろが手に入りました。美味い! Hello. I got sashimi ( Sliced raw fish.) of Bluefin fatty tuna. It was very delicious. Thank you.

Hideaway restaurant. 隠れ家

Hello. I went to the old style Japanese restaurant of delicious Japanese sake other day. It is small restaurant hideaway. It’s very good place!
P1050267 P1050269 P1050270

路地の奥なので、まさに隠れ家。 That is located on the back of the alley. It’s hideout just.

P1050272 P1050274

お通しは、生しらす他。 Appetizer is low whitebait etc…That’s good.
P1050276 P1050277

お酒を頼むと、”本日の料理に合う日本酒はこちらになります”と出てきて選びます。 I ask the Japanese sake, then, Restaurant guys says, “sake that good combination for the todays dish is here”. Therefore I choose like from that.
P1050278 P1050281 P1050279

前菜。とても美味い! There dishes are very delicious!.
P1050282 P1050285

メインは松茸とキンキの鍋蒸し。締めは雲丹そうめんです。 Main dish is casserole dish of Matsutake mushroom and channel rockfish. Finally, vermicellifine noodles with sea urchin.
とてもとても美味しかったです。It’s very very delicious of course. Special thanks Y-san’s. Thank you.

New Cheez-it ! 

Hello guys. I got the new products of CHEEZ-IT. One is a Provolone cheese taste. Another is a Zings. Zings has a two taste. Queso fundido and Chipotle cheddar. Every taste are very good. Please try it. Thank you. Special thanks Y-san and H-San.

Science museum

Hello everybody. I went to the science museum other day.
P1050289 P1050292 P1050293 P1050294
プラズマボール とてもきれいです。  It’s a very beautiful plasma ball.
プラネタリウムで星空を見た後、  After watching the starry sky in the planetarium,
P1050297 P1050296  P1050299
H2ロケットです。 Here is a H-2 rocket. Thank you.


こんにちは。先日、USからの出張者のお土産でY’s-cafe大好物のCheez itをもらいました。とても懐かしく、また美味しかったです。  Hi there. I received a Cheez it of Y’s-cafe great favorite souvenir from US travelers. It was Very nostalgic, also, I felt well. Thank you for D-san. Thank you.

創作和食 Inventive Japanese meal

こんにちは。先日、創作和食のお店に行きました。とても美味しかったです。   Hello. I went to the inventive Japanese meal restaurant other day. It’s delicious! Thank you.
P1050263 P1050264 P1050265

Red leaves of autumn 2

Hello every body. Gradually, the temperature came down. Foliage is now red further. It is very beautiful. Thank you.
P1050875 P1050876 P1050879

1311 Tokyo Motor Show.

1311TMSPOS hnP1050599 prP1050851
Hello. I went to the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 other day. Please enjoy it at the photo album. Thank you.