1308 B/T 1 China

こんにちは。先日出張で、中国とタイに行ってきました。それでは初日の中国上海への移動と、二日目の上海の様子をこちらでお楽しみください。 Hello. I went to the China and Thailand due to Business trip other day, so, Please enjoy the move to China Shanghai from Japan on the first day and shanghai second day in the photo album. Thank you.
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Vegetable Ramen.

     Hello. I try to make a vegetable Ramen. It’s delicious! Thank you.


こんにちは。先日懐石を食べに行きました。繊細なお味でとても美味しゅうございました。 Hello. I went to the Kaiseki ( Dishes developed based upon the tea ceremony.) restaurant other day. It was very delicate taste and delicious. Thank you.
P1050301 P1050305
P1050306 Appetizers of autumn.
P1050309 P1050310
Yubiki Hamo (parboiled conger pike) & abalone with fresh wasabi.
P1050311 P1050312 Red king crab & sukiyaki
Broth and food of matsutake mushroom steamed in an earthenware tea pot.
P1050316 P1050317 Every dishes good. Thank you. 

歌舞伎揚 Kabukiage

Hello. I ate Kabuki-age ( It means Deep fried round rice cake. ) since I ate it last time in 6 years. It’s very femous rice cake in Japan, and delicious. Please try it. Thank you.


Spanish restaurant

こんにちは。先日、スペイン料理を食べに行きました。オイルサーディンとパエリアがとても美味しかったです。  Hello. I went to the Spanish restaurant other day. Oiled sardines and paella were very delicious. Thank you.
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Matsutake mushroom rice.

こんにちは。和の鉄人、道場六三郎さんの松茸ご飯購入しました。とても上品なお味でした。 Hello. I bought Matsutake mushroom rice that produced by Japanese iron chef, Mr. Rokusaburou Michiba. It was elegant taste. Thank you.

もつ煮 Motsuni

こんにちは。先日モツ煮を食べました。とても美味しかったです。 Hello. I ate the Motsuni other day. motsuni means Japanese old style beef stew. It’s very delicious. Thank you.