こんにちは。先日、友人と高級焼肉を食べに行きました。超美味しかったです。 Hello. I went to the high class yakiniku ( Roast meat. ) restaurant with my friends other day. It is Japanese black beef yakiniku. It was very very delicious! Thank you. Special thanks M-sans.
P1040579 P1040581 P1040580 P1040582
P1040583 P1040584 P1040585 P1040586
P1040588 P1040589 P1040590 P1040591
P1040593 P1040592 P1060846 P1060848


  1. That looks like high class yakiniku alright, the meat is so marbled. It must have melted in your mouth!

    • Imjapan-san. Thank you for comment on Y’s café. Yes, It’s a melt-y beef and good combination with red wine. I want to go to one more time. However, next time, maybe few month later, because, It’s very very Heavy:) … Thank you.

  2. yakiniku is one of my favorite Japanese dishes!



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