こんにちは。日本に帰国してから初めてピザを食べました。それは、すでに懐かしい味になっていました。 Hello. I ate pizza first time since I went back to Japan. It was a nostalgic taste already. Thank you.

お吸い物 Osuimono

こんにちは。先日、Y’s cafeの大好物、永谷園のお吸い物を購入しました。そのままお吸い物でも良し、ご飯にかけて雑炊にしても良し、かの、魯山人さんが発明した天茶のように天ぷら+ご飯+お吸い物をかけても良し、はたまたひつまぶしの締めのように、うなぎの蒲焼+ご飯+お吸い物でもとても美味しく頂けます。どうぞ皆さんお試し下さい。Hello. It is favorite food of Y’s cafe. I purchased the Osuimono soup ( Osuimono means Japanese clear soup. ) of Nagatanien other day.  Then, basic soup is delicious of course. If  it applies to rice and makes it risotto also  delicious. Moreover, it is very delicious even if it uses Tenpura-chazuke like a Tencha which that famous Mr.Rosanjin invented, covering Tempura + Rice + Soup. Furthermore, the Kabayaki of Unagi ( Eel broiled in soy based saurce.) + Rice + soup also can be got very deliciously like  a hitsumabushi. ( Hitsumabushi means Chopped Kabayaki eel on rice. It is very famas in Nagoya prefecture.) Please try it.  Thank you.

鮎の塩焼き Broil with salt of sweetfish.

こんにちは。先日鮎の塩焼きを食べました。旬な味で、美味しかったです。 Hello. I ate the broil with salt of sweetfish other day. It was delicious in taste and season. Thank you.


こんにちは。先日、珍しい蝶を見に行きました。羽の大きな蝶は、とても優雅に飛んでいました。 Hello. I want to see the rare butterfly other day. Big butterfly wings, was flying very elegant. Thank you.
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こんにちは。先日、海外系スーパーで、USAでもっとも美味しいポテトチップ、Lays(Y’s cafe調べ)を発見しました。日本でこの味に出会えるとは感激です。すかさず購入しました。  I discovered in the overseas system supermarket. In USA, the most delicious potato chips Lays ( Y’s cafe investigation. ) were discovered. It is deep emotion that I can meet with this taste in Japan. I purchased immediately. Thank you.

Hanabi Fireworks

こんにちは。先日、花火を見に行きました。いろいろな種類の花火があり、かなり進化していました。 Hello. I went to the Hanabi (fire works.) festival other day. There are Hanabi of various types, it had evolved considerably. Please see the photo album. Thank you. 
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P1050009 Heart.

P1050015 Flower.

P1050024  Normal.

うどん Udon noodles.

こんにちは。先日、M亀製麺のうどんを食べに行きました。こしの強いうどんにだしがきいたスープ。とても美味しかったです。 Hello. I went to eat Japanese Udon noodle ( Wheat pasta.) of M-kame seimen ( seimen means noodle making factory.) other day. This restaurant Udon has a firm like an al dente noodles with very flavored broth soup. It’s delicious. Please try it. Thank you.

剣菱 Japanese Sake “Kenbishi”

こんにちは。先日、日本酒”剣菱”を購入しました。懐かしい味で、私の好きな日本酒の一つです。 Hello. I bought “kenbishi” of Japanese sake. It is dry and smooth. Nihonshu-do (Japanese sake scale.) 0 to +1. It little number is dry. (large number is sweet.) I like this taste. Thank you.

Kyuushu and Okinawa food alley

Hello. I went to Kyuushu and Okinawa food and product alley other day. Any foods, looks delicious. I bought is here.
P1040418 P1040441 One is a Kumamoto Tonkotsu Ramen. It is noodle with a very thick broth made from boiling pork bones. Another one is Soki Soba. It is Okinawa prefecture special noodle soup with boneless pork ribs. It’s very traditional Soba in Okinawa. Noodle contain is wheat. Soup is a konbu ( edible seaweed.) and katsuobushi ( Small pieces of sliced dried bonito.) taste. I like both noodle soup. Thank you.