Hokkaido food and product alley.

こんにちは。先日、北海道物産展をやっていたので、行って来ました。どれもこれも美味しそうでした。 I went to Hokkaido food and product alley other day. Any foods, looks delicious. I bought is here.
P1040399   Marusei butter sandwich of Rokkatei.
This is very famas souvenir of Hokkaido prefecture. Raisins butter between moist cookies.
P1040400   Sanpouroku.
This is birch pattern chocolate coated baumkuchen.
P1040401   Fresh cream chocolate ( like a ganache.) of Royce. It is Japanese guy says “Nama choco“. This is very famas souvenir too. It is very soft texture chocolate. Thank you.