Jack Daniel’s

Hello. The goods to be moved from USA arrived other day. Whiskey got from the friend of Tennessee came out from inside. Clearly, Good tasting. Special thanks Y-san. Thank you.

Dashi of Japanese festival

こんにちは。先日、お祭りに行ってきました。山車が出ていて迫力満点でした。 Hello. I went to the Japanese traditional festival other day. That festival has Dashi. Dashi is a float decorated with ornaments like flowers, dolls, etc…  Person beat a drum in a Dashi. There was a very powerful it. Thank you.

Cream puff

Hello. I bought the cream puff other day. One is a melon cream puff. Another one is maccha green tea cream puff of tsujiri. both taste are very good. Thank you.
P1040664 Melon cream puff.
P1040667 Maccha green tea cream puff of tsujiri,

Hokkaido food and product alley.

こんにちは。先日、北海道物産展をやっていたので、行って来ました。どれもこれも美味しそうでした。 I went to Hokkaido food and product alley other day. Any foods, looks delicious. I bought is here.
P1040399   Marusei butter sandwich of Rokkatei.
This is very famas souvenir of Hokkaido prefecture. Raisins butter between moist cookies.
P1040400   Sanpouroku.
This is birch pattern chocolate coated baumkuchen.
P1040401   Fresh cream chocolate ( like a ganache.) of Royce. It is Japanese guy says “Nama choco“. This is very famas souvenir too. It is very soft texture chocolate. Thank you.

Rusk of Kyoto

みなさんこんにちは。先日、京都、辻利の美味しいラスクを頂きました。ラスクにチョコレートと宇治抹茶がコーティングされた、老舗ならではの上品な味。美味しかったです。      Hello everybody. I ate the rusk of Tsujiri. (Tsujiri is long established store at Uji-Kyoto.) That rusk is coated by chocolate and green tea. It was elegant Japan taste. It’s delicious. Thank you.
Special thanks S-san.

The end of the rainy season. 梅雨明け

Hello. The end of the Rainy season. Summer has come. Thank you.

蕎麦 Soba

こんにちは。帰国後、初めて蕎麦を食べました。このお店は製麺工場の脇でひっそりと営業している、メニューが蕎麦しかないお店です。とてもおいしかったです。  Hi there. I’m after returning Japan, I ate Soba for first time. ( Soba is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour.) This restaurant is a only serves soba, and quietly at the side of the soba noodle factory, It was vary delicious. Thank you.
P1040394 P1040396

Japanese liquor.

こんにちは。先日お酒を飲みに行きました。日本酒も焼酎もとても懐かしい味でした。美味かった!   I went to drink the liquor other day. Japanese sake and shochu ( Shochu is Clear liquor distilled from sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat, etc…) was very nostalgic taste for me. It was delicious.Thank you.
P1040345 P1040344

神社 Shrine

こんにちは。先日、近くの神社に行ってきました。とても静かな雰囲気でした。Hello. I went to the shrine other day. There was a very quiet ambience. Thank you.
P1040483 P1040485 P1040486
P1040489 P1040482 P1040490
P1040492 P1040493 P1040491
P1040494 P1040495