Italian Restaurant “ritmo”

みなさんこんにちは。先日、仲間に連れられてイタリアンを食してきました。そのお店は、”ritmo”(名前公開オーナー了解済です。) 美味いイタリアンに数あるワイン。Y’s cafeご満悦でした。USからの出張者がよく宿泊するRモンドHotelの近くなので出張者にもお勧めです。但し、人気店なので予約をお勧めします。どれもとても美味しかったです。
Hello everybody! Recently, I’ve been eating Italian food with my friend. Restaurant name is “ritmo”. It has many wines and delicious italian dish. I was very happy. Also it is close to the R-mond hotel that meny B/T of US guys stay at it. However, I would recommend a reservation for it. because it is popular restaurant. Anyway, Please try it. 
P1040280 P1040281 P1040282 P1040283
Ebisu beer with marinated octopus and boiled by wine of a duck. It is nice!
P1040284  P1040286 P1040287
White wine and dish. Good!
P1040285 P1040288 P1040289
Next is Red wine and dish. Good too.
And pasta !  Delicious!
P1040292 P1040293 P1040294
Finaly, I want to say! Could you please give me the bottle!…
So, We are going to midnight… Thank you.
Special thanks K-San and H-San.



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