Stick Ramen

みなさんこんにちは。先日近所のスーパーであのマルタイのSPL Verの棒ラーメンを発見しました。それはそれは、美味しかったです。ローカルのみなさん、Tりせんで販売していました。どうぞお試し下さい。  Hello everybody! I had found that ramen of Marutai SPL Ver in local supermarket other day. It was very delicious. For the Japan local, it is sold in the T-supermarket. Please try it. Thank you.

串揚げ Spit fried foods “Kushiage”

こんにちは。先日、仲間と串揚げを食べに行きました。駅に近いこのお店、とても美味しかったです。 Hello. I went to the “Kushiage” restaurant with my friend other day. “Kushiage” means, deep-fried skewers of a single item, such as meat, vegetables, seafood, etc. How to eat has a rule. Although it is dipped in sauce and eats. However, it is dipped twice is prohibition. Anyway, it is delicious. Please try it. Thank you. Special thanks M,K,F-san.

Gyouza Mi

     Hello. I ate the gyouza in Utsunomiya. Mi is most famous gyouza restaurant in Utsunomiya. It was very delicious. Please try it. Thank you.

P1040272 P1040279

Italian Restaurant “ritmo”

みなさんこんにちは。先日、仲間に連れられてイタリアンを食してきました。そのお店は、”ritmo”(名前公開オーナー了解済です。) 美味いイタリアンに数あるワイン。Y’s cafeご満悦でした。USからの出張者がよく宿泊するRモンドHotelの近くなので出張者にもお勧めです。但し、人気店なので予約をお勧めします。どれもとても美味しかったです。
Hello everybody! Recently, I’ve been eating Italian food with my friend. Restaurant name is “ritmo”. It has many wines and delicious italian dish. I was very happy. Also it is close to the R-mond hotel that meny B/T of US guys stay at it. However, I would recommend a reservation for it. because it is popular restaurant. Anyway, Please try it. 
P1040280 P1040281 P1040282 P1040283
Ebisu beer with marinated octopus and boiled by wine of a duck. It is nice!
P1040284  P1040286 P1040287
White wine and dish. Good!
P1040285 P1040288 P1040289
Next is Red wine and dish. Good too.
And pasta !  Delicious!
P1040292 P1040293 P1040294
Finaly, I want to say! Could you please give me the bottle!…
So, We are going to midnight… Thank you.
Special thanks K-San and H-San.

Kumamoto Ramen

こんにちは。先日、熊本ラーメンを食べました。とんこつに焦がし大蒜が最高です。美味かったです。 Hello. I ate Kumamoto ramen other day. It’s Pork soup with burnt garlic sauce taste. That is very delicious! Please try it. Thank you.

泡盛 Awamori

    Hello. I drank a delicious Awamori other day. It is very good taste. Awamori is Okinawa prefecture special shochu. ( Shochu means Japanese clear liquor. ) Alcohol contents more than 40 degrees. It raw material is rice. very smooth but very strong. Thank you.

Nonbrand quality products “MUJI”

こんにちは。先日、巷で話題の無印良品のレトルト食品を購入しました。とても美味しそうです。  Hello. I have purchased a retort food of MUJI other day. It is the topic in the streets now. And it’s looks delicious. Thank you.
P1040440 P1050247 Sharks fin soup bowl. delicious!

Japanese sake.

こんにちは。先日おいしい日本酒を頂きました。美味しかったです。 Hello. I drank a Japanese sake other day. It was very delicious. Thank you.