Iekei Ramen

Hello. I went to eat ramen of Y. It was desire. It’s incredibly delicious.  ( Ramen means Japanese noodle soup. This ramen soup has pork bone broth with soy sauce taste. We call it tonkotsu-shouyu. And that combination makes incredibly good taste. If that ramen restaurant has birthplace in Yokohama, that case, We call it “Iekei”.  I like “Iekei” ramen. ) Please try and don’t miss it!. Thank you.

さくら Cherry blossoms 2

Hello. Cherry blossoms has become Hazakura. ( It means cherry tree in leaf with blossoms.) However, still beautiful. Thank you.
P1040402 P1040405 P1040407 P1040403

SPL Beer 

     Hello. Recently, special Beer has been released by a long-established Japanese Beer company “EBISU”. This Beer admitted by Robuchon of very famous French chef. It was certainly delicious. Thank you.

餃子 Gyouza Ma

Hello. I went to eat gyouza of Ma other day. ( Gyouza means chinese meat dumpling.) It was very very delicious. Thank you.

さくら Cherry Blossoms

こんにちは。桜がとても綺麗です。 Hello. Cherry blossoms are beautiful. Thank you.
P1040313 P1040314 P1040315 P1040319
P1040317 おまけ

天ぷら Tempura

Hello. I went to eat the delicious tempura other day.
130308 1 (3) まずは一杯。First of all, I take a drink.
130308 1 (1) 130308 1 (4) おさしみ、お肉で、天ぷらです。
Next is sashimi, beef and tempura.
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追加で生姜焼き、煮付けを食べました。とてもおいしかったです。In addition, I ate grilled ginger of pork and simmered of cod. It was very delicious. Special Thanks K-san and F-san. Thank you.


皆様、おはようございます。早速朝食は、念願の卵かけごはんです。うまい!    Good morning ladys and gentleman. Immediately, my breakfast is eggs over rice long-sought. It’s original japanese breakfast. And delicious. Thank you.

Return to Japan.

Hello everybody! Recently, I completed overseas assignments of about six years, I went back to Japan. For the future, I will continue to disseminate Japan information towards overseas from Japan.
P1040245 まずはこれに乗ります。 I boarded the first this.
P1040246 Take off!
P1040255  お次こちら Next is here.
P1040256 離陸しました。 Take off again.
こちら、おいしい機内食。 Here is delicious in-flight meals.
P1040258 P1040259 P1040261
P1040263 日本に到着しました。お疲れ様でした。
I arrived in Japan. Cheers for good work. Thank you.