みなさんこんにちは。今回はローカルの方々への情報です。最近Y’s cafeがはまっている、近所で美味しいPizza屋さんといえば、こちら、”Enrico’s pizza”です。イタリアンのPizza屋さんなんですが、塩味のきいた独特のチーズとイタリアン トマトソースの絶妙なコンビネーション。一度食べたら忘れられない印象に残る味です。特にお勧めは、ペパロニ、ブラックオリーブ、マッシュルームのコンビネーションPizzaです。ローカルのみなさん、Yしずの左側にありますので、どうぞお試しください。 Hello . Everybody. They are information to the people of the local this time. Recently, I’m find dicious Pizza shop in the vicinity that I go well. It is “Enrico’ s pizza “. It is Pizza restaurant of the Italian. Peculiar cheese in which saltiness is effective, Combinations of Italian tomato sauce. It is a taste that remains in the impression that cannot be forgotten when eating once. Especially, my recommendation is combinations Pizza of pepperoni, a black olive, and the mushroom. Everybody of the local, please try. Thank you.


  1. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can try it in April.

  2. Hello Sarah-San. Thank you for comment on Y’s cafe. Yes! Please try it. That is very delicious with red wine. Thank you!


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