Roast beef

Hello. Roast beef is a good grilling up. Thank you.

Horse-drawn coach 馬車

Hello. I rid on a Horse-drawn coach in the farm other day. It has strolled slowly in the forest of the early fall.

お土産屋さんには、クッキーモンスターがいました。For souvenir shop, there was a cookie. Thank you.

Cars Lightning Mcqueen Jack o’ lantern on Halloween.

みなさんこんにちは。ジャック オー ランタン作りました。一つはノーマル。もう一つはCarsのLightning Mcqueenです。我ながら良くできました。みなさま Happy Halloween。
Hello . Everybody. I made Jack o’ lantern.One is a usual thing. Another one is Lightning Mcqueen of Cars. It is very good finish. Everybody Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Italian vehicle show

Hello . Everybody. There was an event of an Italian car in the vicinity the other day. Group of exoticism car including Ferrari. Then, please enjoy the appearance in the photo album. Thank you. 
Link →!8306&authkey=!AL3FBIWPb8lm9M4

Salsa sauce

        Hello. I discovered a delicious thing again here. It is a tortilla chip and a sarsaparilla source (dip?). In the Mexican restaurant, it goes out first (appetizer?). There are both various kinds. The source is not too painful the mild of this brand but is friendliest. Please try everybody. Thank you.

Autumn has come.

     Hello everybody. The temperature completely falls, and the lowest temperature has become about 0℃ here. The tree in the garden also completely turns red. Thank you.

Irish Fest

みなさんこんにちは。先日、毎年恒例となりました、Irish Festivalに行ってきました。今年は25周年ということでかなり盛り上がっていました。

Hello everybody. I had gone to Irish Festival that became customary every year the other day. This year had risen considerably on the 25th anniversary.

それでは、Irish Festの様子をIrish danceをメインにフォトアルバムにてお楽しみ下さい。  So, please enjoy the Irish Fest and enjoy Irish dance mainly in the photo album. Thank you.
Link →!8259&authkey=!AF9rq9dufeg_WX0