1207 Rib Fest

こんにちは。先日、毎年恒例となりました、Jazz & Ribフェスタに行ってきました。  Hello. I had gone to the Jazz & Rib festival that became customary every year the other day.

まずは昨年 Best sauceに輝いたこちらのお店。  Here first of all. Shop of Best sauce of last year.
おぉー!確かに美味い!Wow!Certain delicious dish.

お次はこちら、People’s choice No.1のお店。   The following are here. Shop of People ‘s choice No.1.
これまた美味い!This is delicious dish too.

そして、No.2のお店。And, the shop of No.2.
これもまた美味い!This is delicious dish too again.

大分おなかがふくれてきました。デザートはこちら(まだ食うのか!?)(笑)  My stomach is considerably full. The dessert is here. (Do you still eat?) (Laugh)

US屋台ではとてもメジャーなファンネル ケーキ。これも美味いです。  In the stall of US, it cakes the funnel very major. This is also delicious.
 いやー。美味しいイベントでした。  It was a delicious event. Thank you.