Dove 2

Hello. The other day’s dove took the wife and the child, and it came to our wood deck. Thank you.

Dove 鳩

   Hello. Recently, the dove comes to the wood deck of my home.
 (今日はポカポカ陽気だ!) (It is a warm day today. )
 (ちょっと一休みしよう!) (Let’s take a break).
 (よいしょっと) ( Here we go.)
 (はっ!)  ( Oh! )     Thank you.

Early summer 2

Hello. The temperature has gone up completely. Flowers in the garden are also energetic. Thank you.

chipmuck シマリス

Hello. Recently, the chipmuck is running about our garden. Thank you.

Early summer. 初夏

Hello. I went for a walk to the park the other day. It was completely an early summer. Thank you.

Duck 2

   Hello. About the duck in the garden of telling the other day. It gave birth to six children.
 (母)さて、表に行くわよー (Mother) Well, it goes to the front side.
 (母)あなたたち。遊んでないで。行くわよー (mother) Guys. don’t playing.We should go.
 (子)はぁーーい  (Children’s) yes mam.
 (てくてくてく。)   ( Stroll.) Thank you.