Iris あやめ

こんにちは。今年も咲きました! Hello. It Bloomed this year too. Thank you.


  Hello. The delicious one was discovered with US again. It’s an artichoke. Cooking is easy because it sells it with the bottled food. It is very delicious as it is. And, it is very good in wine each other. (It is a little acid. And compatibility with the garlic flavor is preeminent. Therefore, it is fit in a hot day. ) For everybody of the local, It sells by the Trader Joes, and try, please. Thank you.
PS. 今日は、追加で、アボガドとトマトのサラダを作ってみました。
PS. In addition, I put together to the salad of the avocado and the tomato today.

Pan De Bono

 こんにちは。Pan De Bono.焼けました。モチモチっとしたお菓子チーズパンです。ベースとなる粉はメキシコ食材店で売っています。ローカルのみなさん。お試しください。
 Hello. Pan De Bono is burnt. It is mochimochi taste of snack cheese bread. The powder that becomes basic is sold in the Mexican ingredient shop. Everybody of local. Please try. Thank you.


Hello. Recently, duck’s couple comes to the garden of my house every day. Are living feelings good? Thank you.


   こんにちは。本日は雨でした。が、可愛い花を見つけたので、写真を撮りました。  Hello. It was rain today. However, because I had found a lovely flower, the photograph was taken. Thank you.

Gomtang Cup Noodle

  Hello. I discovered a delicious cup noodle in the South Korea ingredient shop. It is a Gomtang Noodle. Everybody of the local, please try. Thank you.


 Hello. A wild eagle had flown the other day. Hear is USA. Nature is full. Thank you.