Hello. I have gone to new pizzeria that build it to the vicinity the other day. It was quite delicious. Thank you.


   こんにちは。先日、近所にできた、たこ焼き屋さんでたこ焼きを買ってきました。美味しかったです。    Hello. I had bought the Takoyaki in Takoyaki shop made the vicinity the other day. The Takoyaki is very famous food in Japan.It is the small peace steamed sashimi of octopus into the Japanese style pizza that shape of the ball. It was delicious. Thank you.


   Hello . Everybody. I had piloted an airplane the other day. This is USA special experience.The photograph cannot be taken while controlling of course. Therefore, the number of sheets of the photograph is a little. I think apologizing. However, I’m very happy for the flight. Then, please enjoy the single-engined air plane flight in the photo album. Thank you.
LINK → https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=90aa4d251d72dbd7&resid=90AA4D251D72DBD7!7397&parid=90AA4D251D72DBD7!111&authkey=!AC5WvhRHV_zi33c



 Hello. I met the rabbit when Night of the little warm other day. Thank you.

Milk Bread

こんにちは。きれいに焼けました。  Hello. It is beautifully burnt. Thank you.

新緑 Verdure

こんにちは。新緑が綺麗です。   Hello. The verdure is beautiful. Thank you.