Roast pork.

   Hello . Everybody. I challenged roast pork the other day. It to the drip for 24 soaked hours. It was very delicious. Thank you.

2012 Spring 3

Hello. In addition, Animals are like the surprise.
  グランドフォッグ出てきました。Ground hog has come out.
  うさぎもリスも登場です。The rabbit and squirrel are appearance too. Thank you.


 Hello. I discovered a cheap, delicious wine again. Everybody of the local, please try. Thank you.

2012 Spring 2

     Hello. Suddenly, the temperature became 25℃. The plants are surprised, too.Thank you.


    みなさんこんにちは。先日ドイツ料理店に行ってきました。こちらはソーセージで有名なお店です。頂いたのはランチバフェですが、どのソーセージも美味い美味い!特にベースとなる白色の奴は、とてもおいしかったです。また、このお店は有名な為、Man vs Foodのアダムさんや、あのシュワさんなどが来店していました。ローカルのみなさんお試しあれ。(美味かった!)
    Hello . Everybody. I had gone to the German food restaurant the other day. Here is a sausage famous shop.I ate a buffet of the lunch. Various sausages are very delicious dish.Especially a white sausage that became basic was very delicious. Moreover, this shop is famous. Adam of Man vs Food, and Arnold Schwarzenegger had come to this restaurant. Please try that for local guys. Thank you.


2012 Spring

    Hello. Is it spring has come? The flower in the garden began to bloom. Thank you.

Cheese bread

みなさんこんにちは。きれいに焼けました。Hello guys. It is beautifully burnt. Thank you.

Kalamata Black Olives

 みなさんこんにちは。USで美味しいものをまたまた発見しました。Kalamata ブラックオリーブです。ワインビネガーの漬物なんですが、これが美味い!そのまま食べても、サラダに入れても、パスタにしても美味しいです。お勧めです!
 Hello everybody.I discovered the delicious one with USA again. It is Kalamata black olive. It is pickles of the wine vinegar. This is delicious.! As for pasta, it is delicious even if it eats as it is or it puts it in the salad. It is recommended. Thank you.

1202 Phoenix B/T

みなさんこんにちは。先日アリゾナ フェニックスに出張に行ってきました。1.5泊3日のこれまた弾丸に近いのですが、飛行機に乗れるのでよしとしましょう。それでは、フェニックスBTの様子をフォトアルバムでお楽しみください。
    Hello. Everybody. I had gone to the phoenix of Arizona to make a business trip the other day. It is a business trip like the bullet on the 3 days 1.5 night stay. However, I am Ok because I can take an airplane.Then, please enjoy for B/T to phoenix in the photo album. Thank you.

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CHEEZ-IT mozzarella.

みなさんこんにちは。Y’s cafeお勧めのアメリカのお菓子、CHEEZ-ITから新しい味が発売されました。モッツァレラ味です。すかさず購入しました。うむむ。これも美味しい!!!みなさんお試しください。
   Hello . Everybody. Cracker of the United States of recommended Y ‘s cafe. A new taste was put in the market from CHEEZ-IT. It is a mozzarella taste. I bought it soon. This is also delicious. Please try!  Thank you.