Did Spring come?

こんにちは。春が来たのでしょうか? Hello. Did Spring come? Thank you.

Pleurotus eryngii (エリンギ)

Hello. I found these kind of things in the supermarket of a Japanese specialty the other day.
I cooked with butter and the soy sauce and ate. (It’s delicious! ) Thank you.

Snow Crystal.

Hello. Here was a snow after a long time other day.

Temperature minus 10℃. The snow crystal is beautiful. Thank you.

NAIAS(North American International Auto Show) 2012

みなさんこんにちは。車ファンの皆様、お待たせいたしました。先日、NAIAS(通称、デトロイト ショー)に行ってきました。世界初公開モデルの多かった今年のデトロイト、それでは、2012NAIASの様子をフォトアルバムにてお楽しみください。
Hello everybody. Thank you for waiting for everybody who loved car I think. So, I had gone to NAIAS (alias Detroit auto show) the other day. This year’s show with a lot of models of world premiere to the public. Then, please enjoy the 2012 NAIAS in the photo album. Thank you.

LINK→  https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=90aa4d251d72dbd7&resid=90AA4D251D72DBD7!7101&parid=90AA4D251D72DBD7!111&authkey=!AJCeW_qKAnCXdys


みなさま。 Happy Valentine! Thank you.


Yuengling Beer 

    Hello. This Beer before by which representative’s Mr. I was purposely doing even other states to purchase. It came to be able to buy it in the supermarket in the vicinity. This is delicious!. Especially, the umber is recommended. Everybody, please try. Thank you.


Hello. I went to eat the lobster the other day. It was very delicious. Thank you.

Starbucks Coffee Gold Card.

Hello. Because a lot of coffees were drunk with Starbucks coffee, the gold card has been sent to me. Thank you.