みなさんこんにちは。今回は、美味しいハンバーガー屋さん情報です。その名も”Culvers”。  一押しは、こちら、バターバーガー。赤身の牛肉のパテに、ほんのりバターの風味が、とても美味しいです。ローカルのみなさん。どうぞお試し下さい。
 Hello guys.This time, it is delicious hamburger shop information. The name is “Culvers. “Most Hot is here. Butter burger. As for it, the taste of butter is very delicious in the patty of beef. Everybody of the local . Please try. Thank you.


Hello. Here is finally ten degrees under the freezing point. Thank you.

1111 Japan trip 3

 Hello Everybody.Well, the final episode attaches from Nara Todaiji Temple on one’s return about Narita-Chicago after the round of Osaka, Kanto, and the delicious dish potato. Then, please enjoy it in everybody and the photo album. Thank you.
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1111 Japan trip 2

 みなさんこんにちは。第2回目は、東京-奈良をレポートします。 それではフォトアルバムにてお楽しみください。
 Hello.The 2nd reports on Tokyo-Nara. Then, please enjoy it in the photo album.Thank you.
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1111 Japan trip 1

   Hello. I had gone to Japan the other day. It is a temporary return of about two weeks. This time, I informs everybody of Chicago, Narita, and Tokyo in the photo album. Thank you.
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メロンパン Bread of Melon by Japan.

こんにちは。メロンパン、美味しく焼けました。 Hello. About Bread of Melon. It is delicious burnt. Thank you.


こんにちは。新しいPCがきました。Hello. New PC came. Thank you.

続 カップヌードル Cup noodle.

Hello. I am crazy as usual. Made in India cup noodle of Nissin. Thank you.