dyson hot

Hello. I bought fan heater. Because it has become cold recently. It’s cool. Thank you.

Ice cream shop

Hello. I went to ice cream shop the other day. Already Christmas there. Thank you.

Thanks giving party.

Hello. I has gone to the party at the Thanksgiving the other day. I was very happy.Thank you.


朝やけ Morning glow.

Hello. It has become considerably cold. How’s gone everybody?I had awoken considerably early in the morning the other day. here is a morning glow. Thank you.

Autumn came.

Hello . All. The temperature has considerably fallen. Autumn came.Thank you.

Fried mushroom

  Hello. I discovered the delicious one with US again.
フライド マッシュルーム Fried mushroom.  
 I ate once in the restaurant. I made it at home. (Only deep-fry applying bread crumbs. )Both white and Brown are delicious. It eats applying it to the tartar sauce. It is fit in the beer. Thank you.

1110 Japan B/T 

 Hello. I had gone to a super-short-term business trip on the fourth days two night stay in Japan the other day. The Japanese food of my enjoyment dined out only once for a too short schedule on the night of the day when it arrived. (sad. )Another is, The rice ball and the corbicula miso soup of the convenience store that set twice. It became meal with the in-flight meal and the airport lounge. However, the Japanese food is a Japanese food in any meal. It is super-delicious. Then, please enjoy the business trip to Japan in the photo album. PS . I’m  tired. (smiling with tears) Thank you.
     link → https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=90aa4d251d72dbd7&page=play&resid=90AA4D251D72DBD7!6527&authkey=Xi*Ye90qkh4%24


Hello. This information this time for everybody of the local. I discovered a cheap, delicious wine again.
こちらです。Please see here.  
It is sold at whole foods. Please try. Thank you.