Child rabbit

   Hello. The child rabbit are appearance yesterday. It settles completely in our garden. Thank you.

October Fest

 Hello. I had gone to the festival Oktoberfest of the harvest of Germany the other day.
 First of all, German beer. Very, the faucet of the beer server appears directly from the track.
 Secondarily, the dry snack . Here and potato pancake.
 And, I rid on a carriage.
 And, it is a space shuttle of the special product in the children’s play lot why (It is a slide).
  Thank you.

Flower 4

Hello. The temperature falls, and it has become comfortable. The flower of autumn bloomed. Thank you.

Photo アルバムに” 1107 Put In Bay “を追加しました。 “1107 Put In Bay” was added to the Photo album.

  こんにちは。先日、エリー湖の小さな島、Put in Bayに行ってきました。以前にも訪れたことがあるのですが、( 2010/7/11のBlogをご覧ください。写真集は、こちら) 
Link →!3834 
 相変わらず、雰囲気満点でした。ハーバーには沢山のクルーザーが停泊する週末のプチリゾート。それでは、Put in bayの様子を、フォトアルバムでお楽しみ下さい。
 Hello. I had gone to a small island and Put in Bay of Erie the other day. Though it has visited before. ( Please see the 11th/July/2010 Blog.)It was the resort feelings full marks as usual. A lot of cabin cruisers moor in the harbor of petit-resort on this weekend. So, please enjoy the Put in bay in the photo album. Thank you.

Gran-Turismo 5 . PS3 and GT5

   こんにちは。先日、贈り物が到着しました。遥か太平洋を越え、到着したものは、PS3+GT5同梱Pac 初回限定Ver(日本限定)。
   Hello. The present arrived the other day. It limits to what exceeds the Pacific Ocean, and arrived PS3+GT5 bundle Pac limited Ver.(Japan sales only.) Sleeping time seems to be lost more and more. Thank you.
 PS. Special thanks for Mr.I and Mr.K.

関連情報。      ・カテゴリー Gameをご覧下さい。
関連フォトアルバム。  ・ポリフォニーデジタル訪問 →

 PS.   解像度の関係で、TVもHDに変更しちゃいました。

アルーバ旅行記。Photo アルバムに” 1107 Aruba 6 “を追加しました。”1107 Aruba 6” was added to the Photo album.

   Hello . Unfortunately, today is the final day. I am very regretted. Because I return to home of US today. I spent it for six days on this island. There was completely neither dissatisfaction nor uneasiness.To say nothing of beautiful sea. The public peace is also good. A local person is gentle and kindly.Meal is delicious even if eating where. I understand. About 1.5 million travelers'(80 percent is US) visits to this island during year. Moreover, there is a passport control place of US in the Aruba airport. It is to execute the US passport control before it boards it of the airplane. Therefore, being possible to change it smoothly is Good because there is no time loss in the airport of US. So, Everybody. Aruba is clearly recommended. Then, please enjoy an Aruba final day in the photo album. Thank you.
  リンクはこちら The link is here  →!6237&authkey=1vq7HFu0aWc%24

アルーバ旅行記。Photo アルバムに” 1107 Aruba 5 “を追加しました。”1107 Aruba 5” was added to the Photo album.

   Hello. Well, the fifth day peacefully again on the beach. Then, please enjoy the fifth day in Aruba in the photo album. Thank you.
リンクはこちら The link is here  →!6193&authkey=IJKZlSQi0Ig%24