2011 Rib fest

こんにちは。先日、毎年恒例になりました、Jazz and Rib festに行って来ました。
Hello. I went to customary Jazz and Rib fest every year the other day.
First of all, it confirms the verdict with the sampler this year too. And, let’s take a full slab home.
  こちら毎年上位常連のお店。相変わらず美味しかったです。(ちょっと甘めのソースです。)Shop of here and high-ranking habitue every year. It was delicious as usual. (It is a sweet source for a moment. )

 こちら、ソース部門で昨年優勝したお店。少しスモーキ-で大人好みの味でした。 Shop won the championship in here of source section last year. It was Smoky and a taste of an adult taste a little.

 そして、今回Y’s cafeお持ち帰りの栄冠をgetしたのが、こちら。And, This shop get as for the takeout of Y ‘s cafe this time.
  (うちのは、ウマイゼー!) (Our rib will be very delicious. )
It was last year’s champion’s shop.(It is certainly delicious. )

 Thank you.




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