News Caster

Hello. I have the TV program expected to be going to always come back from work. It is News of Fox.

I have met by chance in the main caster’s Mr. Bob and a certain event.

The signature was gotten though I was surprised. Thank you.

2011 Dayton Air Show. Photo アルバムに” 1107 Dayton Air Show “を追加しました。 “1107 Dayton Air Show” was added to the Photo album.

それでは、2011Dayton Air Showの様子を、フォトアルバムでお楽しみ下さい。
PS. Kさん、Oさん、写真のご協力ありがとうございました。
    Hello. I have gone to Air show of Dayton this year. Then, please enjoy the 2011Dayton Air Show in the photo album.  PS. Thank you for Mr. K and Mr. O the photograph offer. Thank you.

ほたる2 Glowfly2

  I reported on the glowfly the other day. However, it was not possible to take a picture well in a compact digital camera. I talked about the story to friend’s camera expert.Then, They  challenged ..everybody… Because it has ignited cameraman’s soul. A glowfly here shines only for about 30 minutes before the evening and does fly. Moreover, it is a powerful enemy of the habit of stopping in the tree when the positive grows dark and lighting slightly.

 Mr. Mohio taking a picture of here.   He succeeded in containing eight in one photograph very. Moreover, he did Try every day. It became very detailed to result and glowfly’s habits.

Mr.O takes a picture here.  Line light is beautifully taken of a picture.

Mr.M takes a picture here.   He took a photograph beautiful though it was bitten by a lot and the mosquito.

皆様、ご協力ありがとうございました。 PS.来年もLet’s try!
Thank you for everybody and your cooperation.  PS. It will be Let ‘s try next year. Thank you.


Hello. Recently, the squirrel appears in our garden. Thank you. 
(見えるかな? Can you see?

1106 Los Angeles

では、その様子をフォトアルバム スライドショーでお楽しみください。
Hello. I went to LA by the business trip the other day. It is short trip on the just two night stay. Then, please enjoy the LA B/trip in the photo album slide show. Thank you.
LINK →!5903&authkey=YDgSHLa6rRw%24

朝市 Farmer’s Market

Hello. I went to the morning fair the other day.

おっ、フェラーリカルフォルニアだ。 Wow, It’s a Ferrari California.

到着しました。  I’m arrived.

かわいいライオン発見。  I fined lovely lion.

洒落たリースもありました。  There was a fashionable lease, too. Thank you.


Hello. It is a beer if it is called US. A good cost and delicious beer is here.

It is Coors and Michelob I think. The taste is thin generally feeling in the beer of US, and here is OK. Please try when it is your coming to US. Thank you.

小松菜 Brassica campestris var.peruviridis

  Hello. I challenged Japanese Mustard Spinach (Brassica campestris var.peruviridis) this year. It was possible to do considerably delicious. Thank you.

Flower 3

Hello. The rose became full-bloomed. Thank you.