Pan De Bonos

   こんにちは。先日Pan de bonos(パン デ ボノ)をつくりました。(材料はPan de yuka パンデユカ) コロンビアのお菓子パンでもちもちっとしたチーズパンです。USではタピオカ粉とファーマーズチーズでつくる、まぁるいパンです。これの焼きたてが美味い!皆さんTryしてみてください。簡単です。
 Hello. Pan de bono (Pan de yuka)was made the other day. It is a Danish pastry of Colombia cheese bread. It is round bread made from the tapioca starch and the cheese in US. This combustion setting up is delicious dish!. Ladies and gentlemen, Please try. It is easy. Thank you.

No Reservation

   こんにちは。最近良く見てる面白い番組があります。おなじみトラベルチャンネルの”アンソニー ボードウィン No Reservation”です。主人公のアンソニーが、予約なしで、世界を旅する番組なんですが、私が思うに、各国の料理を肴に各国のお酒を飲む番組です。夜、番組見ながら一緒になって飲んでいます。(爆)
    Hello. I am good recently and there is a seen interesting TV program. It is familiar Travel channel’s “Anthony Bourdain No Reservation”. It is a program in the relish to my desire that drinks sake in each country as for the dish of each country though hero Anthony is a program without appointment that travels the world. I combine while seeing the program and am drinking. Thank you.

Panera Bread


USでも現在、人気急上昇のこちらのお店。特に美味しいと思うのが、こちらのAsiago cheese Bagels. ベーグルにチーズとベーコン、玉子焼きが挟んであります。朝食にぴったり。
 Hello. Recently, Panera Bread on my favorite morning of the weekend. US is a shop of a popular zoom now here. Especially, thinking it is delicious is Asiago Cheese Bagels to be here. The cheese, bacon, and the omelet are placed between the bagel. To breakfast exactly. Everybody, please try. Thank you.

梅雨と初夏 Rainy season and Early summer

Hello. Rain continues for a long time. However, it clears up occasionally. The flower is energetic though it is a strange climate. Thank you.

My Vehicle

 Hello. I lease the car and have gotten on here(USA). I took in the photograph because a new car came the other day. And I will inform no sales in Japan and I drove the car at Japan to you. Then, please see the cars in the photo album . Thank you.
Link →!5718&authkey=57DD39tAY1s%24

Birthday Party

Hello. It participated in the birthday party in the friend house the other day. It was delicious. Thank you.


I bought the cake the other day. It is lovely. Thank you.


Hello. The duck is this time appearance. Thank you.

Sunny day

Here is fine weather in after a long time. Thank you.

Rabbit 2

Hello. About Leveret. He(She?) eats turf in garden of my house every day. Thank you.

Spring 3

  Hello. Here is only feeling like the rainy season and rain every day. However, the temperature becomes warm little by little. Thank you.


Hello. It has become warm a little. Recently, child’s rabbit appears in the garden. Thank you.

Tulip 3

Hello. A pink tulip became full-bloomed. Thank you.