St. Patric Parade

 Hello. I had seen the parade of the St. Patric day on the other day.
It blockaded a road, and perspn of the town were parading. Then, please see the St. Patrick parade in the photo album. Thank you.
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Spring 2

Hello. The tulips are full-bloomed almost. A grand hog is also energetic. Thank you.


 Hello. Special product Groudhog of spring that had become customary every year appeared. Spring seems to have come. Thank you.

Cheez-it 2

こんにちは。おなじみCheez-itから新作がでました。”Baby swiss”みなさん。お試しあれ。
 Hello. The new work was announced from becoming familiar Cheez-it. “Baby swiss” Everybody, please try. Thank you.


Hello. A new toaster came. Thank you.


Hello. It has become considerably lively. Thank you.


こんにちは。 先日、たまたまTV(FOX)を見ていたら面白い番組が放映されていました。Mobbed. ”群集”って意味なんですが、感動のサプライズ番組です。総勢1000人以上で一人の人を感動させる番組でした。今回のお題は”プロポーズ ”
   Hello.  The interesting program had been telecasted when TV(FOX) was seen by chance the other day. It is “Mobbed”. It is a moving surprise program though “Crowd” is a meaning. It was a program to make over 1000 peaple to just one person impressed. This title is “propose. ” Then, please enjoy the program in the photo album. Thank you.
Link →!5742

Next Cheez it

  こんにちは。Y’s cafeがお勧めするUSで一番美味しいお菓子、Cheez-itが、時期型の開発にむけサンプルを出しています。アジアゴチーズ、コルビーチーズ、ロマーノチーズの3種類です。さて、見事投票で商品化されるのは、どれでしょう!楽しみです。
  Hello. The most delicious snack is Cheez-it in US that Y ‘s cafe recommends have sent the turning sample to the development of the time type. It is three kinds Asiago cheese, colby cheese, and the Romano cheese. Well, it might be which that is splendidly commercialized by the vote. It is the enjoyment. Thank you.


こんにちは。美味しいポテチを発見しました。ブランドは、有名な、Lays. そこの”トマト&バジル”。これは、美味い!(超お勧めです。)
Hello. I discovered delicious potato chips. The brand is famous Lays. It’s “Tomato & basil”. This is delicious. Thank you.

Jalapeno & Cheese stuffed steakhouse burger

ハラペーニョ&チーズ スタッフド ステーキハウス バーガー (長い名前だな。)
It came again. Burger King. Jalapeno & Cheese stuffed steakhouse burger ( Too long name) this is a little spicy, and the volume full marks. Super-delicious burger.Please try. Thank you.

Jucy Lucy

こんにちは。先日、ダウンタウンに行ったときにレストランバーに入りました。そこのメニューにありました。”ジューシー ルーシー” ハンバーグパテの中に熔ろけたチーズが入っているハンバーガーのことです。美味しかったです。
Hello. I went to the restaurant bar when going downtown the other day, I was find in the menu there. It’s “Jucy Lucy”. It is a hamburger with the cheese that melts into the hamburger steak patty. It was delicious. Thank you.



Hello. The following are B777. The engine is large. Thank you.
PS. ANAさんありがとう。

Air Force one

Hello. When I went to Chicago the other day, Air Force One was seen. It is made well( smile ). I have instinctively bought it. Thank you.



 こんにちは。 気がつくと、チューリップの横に綺麗な色の花が咲いていました。
Hello. The beautiful color flower was in blossom when noticing next to the tulip. Thank you.

tulip 2

It has become warm a little. It bloomed holding out. Thank  you.