St. Patric Parade

 Hello. I had seen the parade of the St. Patric day on the other day.
It blockaded a road, and perspn of the town were parading. Then, please see the St. Patrick parade in the photo album. Thank you.
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Spring 2

Hello. The tulips are full-bloomed almost. A grand hog is also energetic. Thank you.


 Hello. Special product Groudhog of spring that had become customary every year appeared. Spring seems to have come. Thank you.

Cheez-it 2

こんにちは。おなじみCheez-itから新作がでました。”Baby swiss”みなさん。お試しあれ。
 Hello. The new work was announced from becoming familiar Cheez-it. “Baby swiss” Everybody, please try. Thank you.


Hello. A new toaster came. Thank you.


Hello. It has become considerably lively. Thank you.


こんにちは。 先日、たまたまTV(FOX)を見ていたら面白い番組が放映されていました。Mobbed. ”群集”って意味なんですが、感動のサプライズ番組です。総勢1000人以上で一人の人を感動させる番組でした。今回のお題は”プロポーズ ”
   Hello.  The interesting program had been telecasted when TV(FOX) was seen by chance the other day. It is “Mobbed”. It is a moving surprise program though “Crowd” is a meaning. It was a program to make over 1000 peaple to just one person impressed. This title is “propose. ” Then, please enjoy the program in the photo album. Thank you.
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