Photo アルバムに” Top10 Caribbean Resorts “を追加しました。 ” Top10 Caribbean Resorts ” was added to the photo album.

先日 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapesをお送りしましたが、今回はTop10 Caribbean Resortsをお送りします。
  I introduced 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes the other day. This time I introduces Top10 Caribbean Resorts.
  The channel is my liked familiar Travel channel.  
  This time, I introduces everything from 10th place to 7th place.
  No.10  Hyatt Regency, Aruba Resort & Casino ; Aruba, Netherland Antilles
Set just 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is the westernmost island of the Netherland Antilles. Here Spanish, Dutch and Caribbean culture blend as comfortably as your beachside cocktail. The Hyatt Regency Aruba is one of the region’s premier resorts, because it has a lot of casual elegance and the staff combine that attribute with an incredible array of really fun activities.
  No.9 Caneel Bay ; St. John, US Virgin Islands
The island of St. John is a treasure trove of tropical jungle and enticing enclaves. It was once the playpen of gazillionaire Lawrence Rockefeller, who fell in love with this lush land in the 1920s. Facilities here include 166 elegantly understated rooms, 3 restaurants, a 20,000-square-foot spa and a state-of-the-art tennis facility.
  No.8 Parrot Cay Resort & Spa ; Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands
Located 575 miles southeast of Miami, the 8 major islands and more than 40 keys of Turks & Caicos cover only a combined 196 square miles of sun-drenched shoreline. Stars like Paul McCartney, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and David Copperfield have all said ahoy to this place. And unlike super-accessible mega-resorts, the exclusive 5-star Parrot Cay Resort and Spa can be reached only by small boat.
  No.7 Little Dix Bay ;   Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Set 90 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, Virgin Gorda is 8 1/2 square miles of lush greenery and stunning crescent bays; it truly is a tropical wilderness. The huge sprawling property includes an amazing number of hiking trails and amazing snorkeling.
それでは、Top10 Caribbean Resorts 10位から7位に入ったリゾートの様子をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい。
  Then, Please enjoy the Top10 Caribbean Resorts 10th place to 7th place in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.


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