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こんにちは。                     Hello.
さて二日目の続きです。        Well, it is continuation of the second day.
今回は、ポルシェ博物館です。 This time, it is Porsche Museum.
  I had run about the Mercedes and Porsche both museums during one hour in the stay time…
  Anyway! please enjoy Porsche Museum in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.

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こんにちは。                               Hello.
さて二日目です。                          Well, it is the second day.
今回は、念願のメルセデス博物館です。 This time, it is a Mercedes museum of the wish.
  So, please enjoy Mercedes museum in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.

Photo アルバムに” Stuttgart 1 “を追加しました。 ” Stuttgart 1″ was added to the Photo album. シュツットガルト旅行記

こんにちは。 Hello.
先日、ドイツ シュツットガルトに行ってきました。
    I had gone to German Stuttgart the other day.
  Stuttgart in headquarters and development base of Mercedes and Porsche that is.
それでは、Stuttgart 初日の様子をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい。
  So, please enjoy Stuttgart 1st day in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.


  Hello. Recently, this child comes to the garden of my house.
かわいいです。    It’s lovely.  Thank you.

Coffee wars.

こんにちは。  Hello. Ladies and Gentleman.
  It is familiar Starbucks if it is called coffee with US.
  I especially love Mocha Frappuchino.
  McDonald who came there. Mac cafe of assassin sent to destroy stronghold of Starbucks.
  In addition, a new assassin : from the doughnut industry. Ice mocha of Tim Houghton.
  Well. All seems to be delicious. Thank you.

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こんにちは。 Hello.
先日、エリー湖に浮かぶ、小さなリゾート島、Put in bayに行ってきました。
   I has gone to Put in bay of the  resort island other day. It’s on Erie.
   Because it is a small island, the rent-a-car is golf cart.
   It is possible to go sightseeing peacefully while receiving a comfortable wind.
   The well-to-do population spends the weekend on this island. There was a lot of Cessna in a small airport. Also, a lot of small yachts moored in the marina.
それでは、Put in bayの様子をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい。
   So, please enjoy Put in bay in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.


こんにちは。 Hello.
  I went to the festival of the small next town the other day.
  Here is a delicious restaurant that I frequently visit.
   Especially, the delicious one is a rib and cheese Mac (thing of the macaroni cheese).
    And, there was Bambi in the festival.
かわいい! So cute! Thank you.