Bird’s nest 3. 

こんにちは。 Hello.
鳥の巣の状況ですが、本日、何気なく、鳥の巣をみていたら、なんと2羽Take offしました。
  It is a situation of the bird’s nest. When you casually see the bird’s nest today, It took off by two.
  I thought that the first one had fallen from the nest. However, because two panels had gone out from the nest instantly, I understood that it was Running On Empty.
  It was not possible to fly from the beginning though it was a bird. They were looking at the external world only after it descended to turf (Fall) for a while.


そして、ダッシュして一度草陰にかくれ、 And, it hides oneself in the grass once dashing.     

また、芝に紛れて太陽を浴びていました。  Moreover, it was diverted to turf and the sun was bathed in.   ←写真中央にいます。It is at the center of the photograph.

ズームはこちら。 The zoom is here.   

身長約7cmくらいです。 It is a height about 7cm.

巣には、残り2羽。 In the nest, it is remainder 2.  

明日当たり、離陸でしょうか。Is it a take off each tomorrow?

調べてみるとこの鳥はアメリカンロビン(日名コマツグミ。学名Turdus migratorius。スズメ目ツグミ科の渡り鳥の一種。)という鳥でした。  This bird was a bird named American Robin when examining it. ( Japan name is Komatsugumi. Scientific name Turdus migratorius. Migrant’s kind) Thank you.

Bird’s nest 2. 

こんにちは。 Hello.
  It is a situation of the bird’s nest. It was thought that I was three. However, there were four.
すくすく育っています。 It grows up rapidly. Thank you.

Bird’s nest 1.

こんにちは。  Hello.
  It is a surprise. The bird built the nest in the tree with low our back.
   There seem to be three children.
   Here is a father.
   here is a mather. ( Maybe… )

  It is the one that it wants you to start in life energetically. Thank you.

photo アルバムに” ホッキングヒル “を追加しました。 ” Hocking Hill ” was added to the photo album.

  I had gone to Hocking Hill the other day.
  This park that strong bedrock is jostled, and completed by eroding river
  There is a precipitous cliff for the stroll course. I thought, “Was it good in such clothes?” on the way
  Please enjoy the Hocking Hill in the photo album and the slide show.
  Thank you.

Photo アルバムに” New york 3″を追加しました。 “New york 3” was added to the photo album.

  Well, it is a final episode.
  I goes to the change Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, and The United Nations Headquaters in the tour boat and the subway on the third day.
  The fourth day after eating breakfast with NY in famous bagel shop and I steers for home.
  All were very delicious though I had enjoyed myself over various meals with NY.
  Please enjoy the 3rd day and 4th day in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.

Photo アルバムに” New york 2 “を追加しました。 “New york 2” was added to the photo album.

  Well, it is the second day.
  I went to the fifth avenue, Central Park, and the Museum Of Modern Art, New York (MOMA) on the 2nd day. About 5th avenue. There are a lot of high-level boutiques.
  Please enjoy the 2nd day in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.