photo アルバムに” 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes “を追加しました。 ” 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes ” was added to the photo album.

先日トラベルチャンネルで、” 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes”という番組をやっていました。
  The TV program ” 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes” had been done with Travel channel the other day.
  It’s a TV program. In short, Hottest Caribbean is here now.
  Caribbean resort that might not be especially known from relation between distance and time difference so much in Japan.
そこで!今回Y’s caféでは、リゾート施設にフォーカスをあて、その中からいくつかを紹介したいと思います。
  Then, This time, Y’s café presents, We want to introduce some from among that. Especially, The resort facilities are paid to attention.
  The first time introduces from 21st place to 15th place.
21. The Caves Resort  ,             Negril, Jamaica
     Kicking off the countdown is Jamaica’s The Caves Resort. Poised on the limestone cliffs of Negril, The Caves is owned by famed music producer, Chris Blackwell. An oceanfront sanctuary featuring 11 exclusive cliffside accommodations, 2 main dining gazebos, private cave-dining and the sexy Cave Rum and Cigar Bar, The Caves is classic Caribbean luxury and the perfect romantic getaway.
20. Stanford Antigua Sailing Week ,     Antigua, The West Indies
     To pack a little action into your Caribbean vacation, head to the annual Stanford Antigua sailing week. Participants from all over the globe flock to Antigua each year hoping to win what is now considered one of the premier sailing regattas in the world. The excitement of the race combined with the hospitality and beauty of Antigua make for a vacation you’ll never forget.
19. Stuart Cove’s ,                 Nassau, The Bahamas
     Dive underwater to experience the amazing visibility of the Bahamas’ pristine waters. Stuart Cove’s offers a unique way to experience undersea life. Climb into your personal undersea bubble: a seahorse-shaped submarine that propels you to a depth of up to 15 feet. No snorkeling or scuba experience is required, and you’ll love exploring the coral reef in your own personal submarine.
18. Cap Juluca ,                  Anguilla
     Cap Juluca is only minutes from St. Maarten by air or boat, yet it feels completely insulated from the outside world. A self-contained enclave along 2 miles of the most pristine beaches in the world, the resort is a romantic paradise featuring 18 Moorish villas, 5-star restaurants and beautifully landscaped tropical gardens. The very definition of luxury, all the villas have direct beach access, and the spa services are guaranteed to melt all your worries away.
17. The Landings ,                 St. Lucia
     Open since December 19, 2007, The Landings has quickly become an idyllic vacation destination. The resort offers lavish 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom villas along St. Lucia’s most gorgeous bay. The 7,000-square-foot RockResorts Spa, fitness gallery and Beach Club Restaurant all offer first-rate service to the hotel’s guests. Elegant touches such as the personal pantry make The Landings stand out among other hotels; let the hotel know ahead of time what favorite groceries you want in your room, and your pantry will be stocked before you even check in.
16. Grace Bay Club ,               Provo, Turks and Caicos
     Located on 11 acres of immaculate beachfront, the Grace Bay Club was Turks and Caicos’ first luxury all-suite hotel. The hotel is divided into two sections: the adults-only hotel and a family-friendly villa resort. Each provides private swimming pools and dining experiences to meet your travel desires. New features to the hotel include the Caribbean’s longest bar, luxury Anani spa tents, 100 new chic day beds, a kids’ tree house and the Anacaona restaurant.
15. Nassau,                     The Bahamas
     Visibility in the water off Nassau in The Bahamas can reach up to 100 feet — and that’s why it’s home to the world’s best diving. Explore the Blue Hole, a natural hole 100-feet across and 200-feet deep full of large schools of fish. Trinity and Piece of Cake caves both have openings large enough to swim through and are home to some large lobsters. There are also countless shipwrecks that have occurred along the reefs surrounding the islands of the Bahamas that make for some very exciting underwater adventures.
それでは、21 Hottest Caribbean escapes 21位から15位に入ったリゾートの様子をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい。
      Then, Please enjoy the resort that came from 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes 21st place in 15th place in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.

グラウンド ホッグ Ground hog

  It has gone out energetically this year. Thank you.  

チューリップ tulip

  It bloomed energetically this year. Thank you.  

photo アルバムに”家”を追加しました。 “My house” was added to the photo album.

  Hello. This time, it opens it to the public for the first time.
うちです。 (もちろん借家です。)
  It is my house. ( Of course, it is a rented house. )
  A lot of animals come as usual.
  Please enjoy the my house in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.

Spring of 2010

  It has been gradually becoming warm this year.
  Though it was snowing so much in February 
  The tulip put out the bud this year when the garden of the door side was seen.
  It is a thing that the rabbit browses on the leaves that I am anxious. Thank you. 

photo アルバムに”ディズニークルーズ “を追加しました。 ” Desney Cluise ” was added to the photo album.

   When going to Bahamas, did you remember the fashionable, large black ship that moors in the port in Nassau the other day?
   It is a ship of the Disney cruise.
   It examined it because it was anxious for a moment.
   It gets tired completely never will besides the destination while steaming.


   Disney is wonderful.
   It came the more it examined it, the more to want to get on.
それでは、ディズニークルーズの様子(Y’s cafe調べ)をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい
   So, Please enjoy the Disney Cruise in the photo album and the slide show. Thank you.