Hamburger wars.

ハンバーガーと言えば日本では、マクドナルドですが、USでは、バーガーキングとマクドナルドが2トップです。(Y’s café調べ)
  It is McDonald in Japan if it is called a hamburger. However, Burger King and McDonald are secondarily top in US. (Y’s cafe investigation)
  And this time, the assassin whom Burger King sends in rivalry with McDonald’s quarter pounder.
その名も BK steakhouse Burger with A1 souce.
  That name is  BK steakhouse Burger with A1 souce.
  A super-famous A1 steak source in US is multiplied and the fried onion is sprinkled to 200g of Angus Patti.
これが、超美味い!               This is super-delicious.
   そして、マクドナルドも黙っていません。     And, McDonald doesn’t keep silent either.
  It evolution version, went out about the quarter pounder. Third pounder !
  Because it is about 450g a pound, it is about 150g every 1/3 pounds.
すごい戦いです。    It is a great fight.
 きっとそのうち、ハーフパウンダー、パウンダーと続くと思われます。(爆) (その次は、ダブルパウンダー(900g)か!?)
    It surely seems that it continues sooner or later with the Half pounder and the Pounder. Thank you.


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