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BBC Americaというチャンネルで”TOP GEAR”という番組をやっています。
  The TV program “TOP GEAR” was done with the channel named BBC America.
  Originally, it came to be able to see even here recently though it was the one telecasted in Britain.
  In short, this is quite interesting though it is a car program.
  LAP in impression and a regulated course of various cars is measured and the order is decided.
  Regulated course by gorgeous guest every week and order of LAP time with same vehicle.
  Furthermore, 0 to 400m confrontation etc. of car vs fighter air plane.
  The program composition by the project that exceeds the imagination is very interesting.
  It is possible to see also with Net, and see once by all means, please. Thank you.

Hamburger #2

  Last time, though I told the story of Burger King and McDonald.
  In US, there are a lot of hamburger shops.
  Often seeing becomes here.
     Steak’n shake. Hamburger and shake shop.
     Rally’s. Shop of hamburger of drive-through specialty.
     Wendy’s. It has withdrawn from Japan this year. It is senior’s hamburger shop in US.
 ・ そして、近所にできた、FIVE GUYS。オバマ大統領夫人のミシェルさんがTVで発言してから一躍有名になったハンバーガー屋さん。
     And, FIVE GUYS build the vicinity. First lady Obama’s Michele made remarks with tv. And, hamburger shop who suddenly became famous.
FIVE GUYSは、ザガットで毎年美味しいハンバーガーとして上位に入るハンバーガー屋さんです。(バーガーと共にピーナッツOILで揚げたポテトがGOOD)
     A shop here is hamburger shop who enters the high rank by Zagat as a delicious hamburger every year.
   Everybody, please try when you come to US.  Thank you.

Hamburger wars.

ハンバーガーと言えば日本では、マクドナルドですが、USでは、バーガーキングとマクドナルドが2トップです。(Y’s café調べ)
  It is McDonald in Japan if it is called a hamburger. However, Burger King and McDonald are secondarily top in US. (Y’s cafe investigation)
  And this time, the assassin whom Burger King sends in rivalry with McDonald’s quarter pounder.
その名も BK steakhouse Burger with A1 souce.
  That name is  BK steakhouse Burger with A1 souce.
  A super-famous A1 steak source in US is multiplied and the fried onion is sprinkled to 200g of Angus Patti.
これが、超美味い!               This is super-delicious.
   そして、マクドナルドも黙っていません。     And, McDonald doesn’t keep silent either.
  It evolution version, went out about the quarter pounder. Third pounder !
  Because it is about 450g a pound, it is about 150g every 1/3 pounds.
すごい戦いです。    It is a great fight.
 きっとそのうち、ハーフパウンダー、パウンダーと続くと思われます。(爆) (その次は、ダブルパウンダー(900g)か!?)
    It surely seems that it continues sooner or later with the Half pounder and the Pounder. Thank you.

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バハマで超豪華クルーザー、(英語ではヨット、Yacht )を沢山見かけたのですが、
  I saw a lot of super-gorgeous cabin cruisers (It was a Yacht in English) in Bahamas.
  A gorgeous yacht was featured with Travel channel by chance.
では、トラベルチャンネル ミリオンダラーヨットの様子をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい。
  please enjoy the appearance of the Million dollars yachts of Travel channel in the photo album and the slide show.
  Thank you.