photo アルバムに” ピッツバーグ2 “を追加しました。 “Pittsburgh2” was added to the photo album.

   Well, the Pittsburgh university was visited on the second day.
ここには、カテドラル オフ ラーニング(学習の大聖堂)と呼ばれるゴシック調の高層建築があり、
   The high rise of gothic that is called the cathedral of learning is here.
   There is a classroom where the interior of 23 that is called a nationality rooms every country in the world was given there, and a general person can also visit it.
   Moreover, toward both, the side included the memorial chapel etc. , and it was able to visit the inside fortunately this time.
   Then, please enjoy the appearance on a Pittsburgh final day in the photo album and the slide show.
   Thank you.


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