photo アルバムに” ピッツバーグ1 “を追加しました。 “Pittsburgh1” was added to the photo album.

   I had gone to Pittsburgh the other day.
  Town in which Flashdance and Three Rivers of movie were taken a picture
  Moreover, it is famous as the stronghold of Pittsburgh Steelers of American football.
さて初日は、ピッツバーグが生んだ巨匠、アンディ ウォーホールの美術館見学と
  Well, the first day with the visit of the great master and Andy Warhol to whom Pittsburgh gave birth in the museum
TV、Man vs Foodで放映された、サンドイッチ屋さん、そして、夜景の名所を訪ねました。
  It was telecasted with TV “Man vs Food”, and the showplace of sandwich shop and the night view was visited.
  Then, please enjoy the appearance at the Pittsburgh first day in the photo album and the slide show.
  Thank you.


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