photo アルバムに”サイパン1,2″を追加しました。 “Saipan 1 and 2 ” was added to the photo album. サイパン旅行記

   The photograph on a Tinian island and a Saipan island was upped.
   A Saipan island is famous as the beach resort where it can go from Guam and row Japan in three hours.
   We went from the Saipan in the Tinian island of about one hour with a high-speed ferry and it went to the tour of two night stays on two night stays and Saipan islands.
   There is up to the north Mariana dominion both, and it belongs and it exists in a considerable level when saying beauty in the sea after all.
   About Tinian. Development was not done too much, and a simple island.It did two when it had enjoyed the sea from morning till night.
   In Saipan, It played for two days around the Garapan district. It is sea play in the Managaha island and It goes to see the festival. 
   Then, please enjoy Saipan island and Tinian island in the photo album and the slide show.
   Thank you.


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