photo アルバムに”ワシントンDC 2 “を追加しました。 ” Washington DC 2 ” was added to the photo album.

   Well, the second day is a round in the museum.
   As for the museum, it is Smithsonian in DC.
   Smithsonian Institute is a very museum of 18 in which it belongs to Smithsonian Institution. 16 museums in that are in DC.
   Especially, it is in the national aerospace museum that I am anxious most.
   Exhibition of round slices of thing of Boeing 747, Thing of Apollo, Hubble telescope, The thing such as docking Soyuz has been exhibited with Apollo.
   Moreover,When space shuttle at that time is developed, It was very happy there to were an appearance etc. of an aerodynamic analysis with the super computer etc. , too.
   National Natural History Museum : in the place in which it was made to the stage of the movie “Night museum”.
   It appeared in the movie, and image and dinosaur’s fossil and primitive people had been exhibited.
   It loses one’s way on one’s return, and it goes to the Pentagon. It spent a pleasant day.
   This time, wanted to go very much, and to the place where it was not able to go timewise
   The annex in the aerospace museum is sideward of the nearby airport of Dulles Washington.
そこには、なんと屋内に実物のコンコルドやSR71 ブラックバード、スペースシャトルが展示してあります。
   How room the Concorde, the SR71 blackbird, and the space shuttle of the thing have exhibited there!
   (Of what huge size building is it?)
   I want to challenge by all means if there is a chance.
   Then, please enjoy Washington DC 2nd day in the photo album and the slide show.
   Thank you.


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