photo アルバムに”カンクン 3 “を追加しました。 “Cancun 3 ” was added to the photo album.

さてカンクン旅行記 三日目です。
  Well, it is the third day.
今日は、メキシコでも有名なエコロジカルパーク ” シカレ ” に行ってきました。
  It has gone to Ecological Park famous "Xcaret" also in Mexico today.
  Xcaret from Cancun to the south for about one and a half hours by car.
  Here is clearly I recommended.
  It can enjoy that there are a beach, an aquarium, a zoo, and an ethnic culture from morning till night on the full day.
  Especially, the activity that swam in the cave the activity and in half water where it played with the dolphin putting on the life vest and descended was interesting.
では、メキシコ シカレの模様をフォトアルバム、スライドショーでお楽しみ下さい。
  Then, please enjoy Xcaret in the photo album and the slide show.
  Thank you.


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