photo アルバムに”Pimp My Ride”を追加しました。 “Pimp My Ride” was added to the photo album.

   Hi Guys. This time, it introduces the TV program seen recently.
その名は”Pimp My Ride”という番組です。(日本語訳は、あまり良い意味では、ないので翻訳しません)
   The name is a program “Pimp My Ride”.
     It is said SPEED, and is telecasted with a special channel of the car and the motorcycle.
   This SPEED has been telecasted to the F1, test ride of new car , races such as popular NASCAR etc.. with US for 24 hours.
   The different one is this program in that for a moment. It is a program that customizes the car of the viewer who takes the jalopy.
    It is a car version of the house remake program “Before and After” when saying in Japan.
    Last week’s telecast was made a picture story show.
    Then, please enjoy the appearance of the program in the photo album and the slide show.
    Thank you.


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