photo アルバムに”Redbull Air Race”を追加しました。 “Redbull Air Race” was added to the photo album.

  Hello guys. This time, I’m talking about the Air Race though it is not so familiar in Japan.
  The area that can flight is severe, and the lowest altitude etc. of which you may flight have been variously decided in Japan depending on the aviation law.
  However, there are a lot of being surprised more than Japan in US. Because US had a fright regulation but it is an individual basically responsibility.
  (I think without permission. )
  One is the Air Race. The race is not usually thought with the airplane when it is Japan, and it is here it.
  Two or more airplanes flight over the course, and there is a race that competes for the order, too.
  This time, how many seconds does the talked Red Bull Air Race flight over the course? It is a time trial.  I think that you only have to think the gymkhana of the airplane.
  (By the way, sponsor’s Red Bull is a manufacturer of the soft drink. )
  ”G” that enters the pilot is about more than 10G. It is a severe game that far exceeds 4-5G of  Fomura-1.
  Then, please enjoy the Red Bull Air Race in Detroit in the photo album and the slide show.
  Thank you.


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