Do you like driving the car?

  Hello guys, this content is a car relation.
  It has become warm here recently. However, the alert goes out and it becomes a going out prohibition when becoming a heavy snow during winter.
  Taking an active part at such time is here.
さすが任天堂、TVゲームの最強の敵、お母さんの取り込みを狙い開発された”Wii”。 ”DS”同様、今や一家に一台の勢いで、大ヒットしています。(あっぱれですね)
  It is Nintendo though does. Wii that aims at taking the strongest enemy and mother of TV game and is developed. Now, it becomes a big hit to the family by one power as well as “DS”.
    でも、車が大好きな私は、プレステも持っています。そうです。”GRAN TURISMO”(以下GT)です。
      However, the car has and I loved have PlayStation.  So, It is “GRAN TURISMO” (henceforth GT)
2) その後、大きいTVをリビングにおいたので、これと、
日曜大工で改造して、こちらを製作 ( 作っちゃいました。)(笑)
私はたまたま、GTの開発陣と話をする機会があったのですが、もはや、ゲームとは呼べない領域に到達し、まさに”The Real Driving Simulator”です。
   Though I had the chance to talk with the development team of GT by chance. The game reaches the area that cannot be called, and is “The Real Driving Simulator. ” exactly already
   ( Please see the photo album about the of the ”GT” development studio.)
   The movement of the car (the airplane is also so) is a result of physics when it says why.
   GT. to put it briefly. Physics is calculated for the input from the driver in addition to the vehicle parameter, and the load that enters four wheels is calculated.
   As a result, the tire of each circle and the corner ring power (movement frictional force) with the road are calculated.
   Then, It is applied to the movement physics of the vehicle again, and it outputs it as behavior of the vehicle.
   Movement (behavior) almost similar to an actual vehicle excellent is reproduced by projecting the result of this repetition operation continuously on the screen.
   It is an operation result of aerodynamic similar as for “Flight simulator” that the aircraft pilot regularly trains.
  However, Even if some projected image processing performances (operation speed) are low, the flow of the projected scenery is slow.
  Therefore, correspondence since old times was considerably possible.
  昨今、画像処理能力の向上に伴い、自動車が道路を走るときの”風景が流れるスピード”に追い付いて来た為, GTのような自動車のシミュレーターが可能となりました。
   Recently, “Speed where scenery flowed” when the car ran on the road was overtaken as the image processing performance improved. The simulator of the car like GT became possible.
  Of course, it is necessary to construct logic of the movement in the vehicle, and to speed up the calculation.
  Because the driver can run safely while thinking about the load of each circle (movement and variation of load of the load), the advantage of GT.
  Therefore, suitably in the movement in the vehicle and the study of the driving skill.
  However, G needs like an actual vehicle and giving a clear-cut attitude and the understanding about there are needed.
  By the way, there is a book that you should read if it wants to become good at driving.
  It is written by Motoharu Kurosawa “Driving mechanism. “  Movement of the load ahead etc. are written. For the reference.
  Thank you.


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