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Well, Hi guys! Thank you for your reading this brog!
Next is “Disney Hollywood studios”.
Here is composed of four area in Theme Park of Disney movie.
アトラクションは、日本でおなじみの”スターツアーズ”や、”インディアナジョーンズ”(日本では、インディ ジョーンズ)
The attraction is “Star Tours” familiar in Japan, and “Indiana Jones.”
There are “Toy Story” and “Journey into Narnia”, etc. in the area of Pixar.
なかでも、一番の目玉は、”エクストリーム スタント ショー”です。パリのディズニーから逆輸入されたショーで、
Especially, the chief feature is “Extreme stunt show. “It is a show reimported from Disney in Paris.
It is a show where a special car appears for a moment, it is done that it is used by the movie in the town where several cars become halls in the drift, and runs.
(The image is the one that Disney arranges the rally of gymkhana, and the charm running & movie stunt & explosion was mixed. )
また、この日、朝一番で入ったアトラクションで、受付の方に ”今日は、あなたたち、とてもラッキーよ”と言われて、何の事かなと思って先に進むと、なんと”ドリームパスポート”なるものをもらいました。
Moreover, it was said to the acceptance, “You very luck today” by the attraction that had entered best in the morning on this day, and “Dream passport” got the becoming it one very much when previously advancing thinking what thing it was.
This passport was able to get on when it was always favorite compared with the attraction with the FP display, and, fortunately, was able to get a dream passport exactly.
So, Ladies and gentleman,  please enjoy it in the photo album and slide show.
Thank you.


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