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USは自然が一杯 Nature is a lot in the United States.

It snowed after a long time the other day. It is an excellent heavy snow.
It cleared up after the snow had continued for a while.
The temperature is considerably low. (It is about a minus centigrade 25 degrees. ) The icicle was made.
Then, there is a thing that turns out.
It has been understood that various animals have come in our back yard.
There are five kinds of footprints though it often sees per rabbit, squirrel, and cat.
なにが来てるんだろ?( いやぁー、アメリカは自然が、いっぱいだ。)
What animals has come? (Nature is a lot in the United States. )
Thank you.

アメリカの空 Sky of USA

When winter comes, the temperature becomes the minus 20 degrees or less here many times.
Air in the sky is also very cold as well as the ground. Such scenery is seen well.
How many airplanes are flying?
Thank you.

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コーヒーに入れるバニラシロップ Vanilla syrup for coffee

Hello. I told stories of various colas the other day. There are a lot of things put in coffee, too.
In a major point, there is Flavor syrup. The smell extends to the intraoral if several drops are put in coffee.
I like still Vanilla. ( Center of photograph. It is sold super martket and sugar free. ) 
The leftmost is French vanilla of familiar statbacks, and liter about 1000 yen.
Other famous one has the hazelnut, the almond, the caramel, the chocolate, and the cinnamon,
Enchanting thing is a raspberry chocolate and cream brulee ( It bought it the other day. However, it has not drunk yet. )
It is Strawberry, and a peach that thinks that it is surprised.
The rightmost of the above-mentioned photograph is peppermint. I do not have the experience of drinking it . However, it is guessed that it is feeling like the Mint chocolate.
I think that I can buy it also in Japan. Please try.
Thank you.

photo アルバムに”Tahiti BoraBora”を追加しました。タヒチ ボラボラ 旅行記

photo アルバムに”Tahiti BoraBora”を追加しました。
“Tahiti borabora” was added to the photo album.
日本から約11時間 About 11 hours from Japan.
”南太平洋の真珠” ”地上最後の楽園”との異名をとるタヒチ。
Tahiti where alias of “Pearl of the South Pacific” and “Last paradise of the world” is taken.
Bora Bora is a popular especially island in French Polynesia among the honeymooner.

コカコーラ Coca-Cola

Hello. How are you doing. There is cola in the one not forgotten though it is thought that it is a beer and star backs if it is called a drink in the United States.
As for US, air is dry. I did not drink cola so much in Japan. However, I came to drink a lot in US.
The US guys drinks coffee and a lot of colas. Long time is taken.
It came to take considerable water in a day because I was also anyway thirsty.
By the way, there is many kinds in US about cola.
It starts from familiar Diet Coke, it is thought that it knows per coke ZERO, and it is here also in Japan the colas of various Flavor.An unusual point was taken in the image.
Though there are cherry coke, a Lyme taste, free caffeine, and a black berry vanilla, etc.
私がお気に入りなのは、 ズバリ、バニラコークです。
It is vanilla coke that I am favorite.
First feeling is “NO_WAY”.  And coffee was drunk only in the black before. After it came to have drunk the coffee of vanilla Flavor here, it came often to drink the vanilla coke.
If evrybody come to US when please challenge “Vanilla coke”

最近みてるTV番組 TV program at which I am looking recently

最近こちらで見てる番組に”Man vs Food”ってのがあります。
TV program at which I am looking recently “Man vs Food”
It is a TV program that travels around the United States by Adam, and eats. In short, it is a lot of eaten TV programs.
Largeness is still good in USA.The person who eats is great. However, the person who makes it is great, too.
I am wishing secretly when it wants you to confront it with miss “GAL SO○” at one time for the future.