Hello. I got the Mug other day. It’s cute!. Thank you.


Japanese rice cracker.

Hello. I got a Japanese rice cracker “Age-ichiban special version” other day. What’s special? It’s “Midori no tanuki,  ten-soba” taste. It’s really tempura soba taste. Very good. Thank you.


Sea food restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese sea food restaurant other day. It’s delicious!. Thank you.


Oriental taste ramen noodle.

Hello. I got the cup noodle and cup Yakisoba other day. It’s an oriental taste this time.

First. Singapore taste cup noodle. Singapore laksa and Black pepper crab.  

Next. Stir fried noodle oyster flavor shanghai taste. Both delicious. Thank you. 

Cherry blossoms 2.さくら2

Hello every body. I show the cherry blossoms 2. Beautiful!. Thank you.

Strawberry picking.

Hello guys. I went to the strawberry picking other day. It’s very fan and delicious. Good. Thank you.


Cherry blossoms. さくら

Hello everybody. Spring has come to Japan. Cherry blossoms (さくら.桜) blooming. It’s very beautiful. Thank you.