Kappou restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Kappou restaurant other day. It’s good. Thank you.



Hello. Tonight my dinner is

Mentaiko gohan. (Seasoned cod roe with cooked rice.)
Toro katsuo. ( Raw fat bonito. )
Suna-gimo. ( Chicken.)
Everything good. Thank you.

Akuma no Onigiri.

Hello everybody. Currently, very popular rice ball appear in Japan. It’s Akuma no Onigiri (悪魔のおにぎり). Rice cooked with Japanese white soup stock. Additionally, Tenkasu and Aonori. it’s very delicious!. Once you eat it becomes a habit. Thank you.


Hello. Tonight my dinner is steak.

Kobe beef with black truffle salt.

Finished. Delicious!. Thank you.

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto.

Hello. I got the “mouko tanmen Nakamoto cup noodle” other day. It’s very very hot and delicious. Thank you.

Happy halloween.

Hello everybody. Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to the Nissan crossing at Ginza other day. Purpose? Of course, I want to see the GT-R 50 by Ital design. Cool.

Please see in the Photo album. Thank you.