Chita ramen Yutaka.

Hello guys. I went to the ramen restaurant at Phromphong Bnagkok other day. It’s a Chita Ramen Yutaka. This ramen soup based on Tamari jyouyu ( Aged soy sauce. たまりじょうゆ。たまり醤油 )

Good!. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I bought a Takoyaki at EmQuatier Phromphong Bangkok other day. It’s a Gindaco ( 銀だこ ). Delicious!. Thank you.

Todays lunch. Ramen Uchidaya delivery.

Hello guys. Todays my lunch is Uchidaya iekei ramen. Delicious!. Thank you.

Washoku. Ise.

Hello everybody. I went to the Washoku restaurant at 39 Sukhumvit Bangkok other day. It’s a “Ise”(伊勢). I ate a “Nama Oyakodon” this time. Normally, Oyakodon is a served rice in a bowl with chicken and an beaten egg boiled with Japanese soup stock. However, Nama Oyakodon means, row chicken sashimi with row egg top on the rice bowl.  It have to use very fresh chicken and egg needed. Delicious. Thank you. 


Jananese traditional kaiseki. Tensui.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese traditional kaiseki restaurant at Asoke bangkok other day. It’s a “Tensui (天翠)”. Tensui is a luxury Japanese restaurant, It’s call Ryoutei ( 料亭 ) in Japan. Delicioius!. Thank you. 






Yakiniku. Kirabi.

Hello everybody. I went to the Yakiniku restaurant at Sukhumvit 23 Asoke Bangkok other day. It’s a “Kirabi” ( 燦.きらび)   . This restaurant used “Kuroge wagyu“( 黒毛和牛 ).  Every dishes very delicious and reasonable price.


Thank you.

Thai cuisine. Mother May I kitchen.

Hello everybody. I went to the Thai cuisine restaurant at Ekkamai Bangkok other day. It’s “Mother May I kitchen”. This is a house restaurant with a nice atmosphere. Also very good photogenic place with delicious dishes. Thank you. 


Creative Japanese cuisine. Kenji’s Lab.

Hello everybody. I went to the Creative Japanese cuisine restaurant at Thonglor Bangkok other day. It’s a “Kenji’s Lab”. All dishes is very delicious!. Thank you.

Sushi. Misaki.

Hello everybody. I went to the Sushi restaurant Phromphong Bangkok other day. It’s a Sushi Misaki( 鮨 みさき). It is a famous Edomae sushi ( 江戸前鮨 ) restaurant in Bangkok, and is this restaurant that eats at the counter only for the Omakase (おまかせ) course. It means, chef’s choice sushi full course. You don’t need choice it. Also here is a Michelin recommend. Very delicious!. Thank you.







Royal princess cruise at Chao Phraya River.

Hello everybody. I went to the river cruise at Chao Phraya River otherday. It’s a “Royal princess cruise”. It is very good atomosper and river wind. You can see the very good night view. Beautiful!. Thank you.



Asiatique. The Riverfront.

Hello everybody. I went to the “Asiatique The Riverfront” other day. It’s a landmark on the Chao Phraya River. good. Thank you.


Flight radar24. Santa1.

 Hello everybody. I find Santa1 at Flight radar24. Cool.

Model=Sleigh. (そり)
Aircraft number=HOHOHO(ほーほーほー)
Grand speed=12kts. ( 22km/h )

Return to North pole. 
(10kts. Little slow down.)
Thank you.

Ramen. Uchidaya.

Hello guys. I went to the Ramen “Uchidaya” at Phromphong Bangkok again. Delicious!.

Yakitori. Moon Asia.

Hello everybody. I’m really into the Yakitori of Moon Asia at PhromPhong Bangkok. Delicious!. Thank you.

Mentaiko udon.

Hello guys. Tonight my dinner is “Mentaiko udon” ( 明太子うどん ). Delicious!. Thank you.