Kaiseki cuisine.

Hello everybody. I went to the traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine ( Tea ceremony dishes ) restaurant other day. It’s good. Thank you.




Hello. I went to the Izakaya restaurant other day. I like it. Thank you.




Sushi restaurant.

Hello. I went to the Sushi restaurant other day. It’s beautiful. I love Sushi. 

Nigiri sushi. (Saba. Aji. Nodoguro. Uni.)

Nama gaki. (Law oyster.)

Yaki hama. (Baked Japanese Clam.)

Nigiri sushi again. (chu-toro. Ikura. Hirame. Saba.)

(One more Nodo guro. Hamachi.)

(Aka-gai. Negi-toro.) Everything good. Thank you.

RedBull Air Race in makuhari 2018.

Hello everybody. I went to the RedBull AirRace 2018 in Makuhari other day. It’s my best favorite event of course. So, Could you please enjoy it in my photo album. Enjoy!. 🙂 Thank you.
Photo album →  https://1drv.ms/f/s!Atfbch0lTaqQ3gBTnvNpvsO4I_B2

PS. Dear Mr Muroya. Try to next and Please get the win. I’m on your side. Never give up. Thank you.


Hello every body. I went to the Izakaya restaurant other day. Izakaya means Japanese gastropub. It’s good.

Flower of spring.

Cute! Thank you.

Seasonal sea food.

Hello everybody. Japanese can eat just spring season some sea food. I got the Nama shirasu (生しらす。it’s a fresh whitebait.) this time.

Another tonight dinner is carpaccio of salmon and Maguro (まぐろ.Tuna.)

Gambas al ajillo. (えびのアヒージョ. Spanish-style Garlic Shrimp.)

Delicious!. Thank you.