Japan trip 3. Boeing 777.

Hello every body. This article is 3rd day of Japan trip. I went to the Museum of Aeronautical Science of Narita ( 成田航空科学博物館 ). I show the Boeing 777 flight simulator this time. I piloted it. It’s very fan. I love it. Please try it everybody!. Thank you. 


Japan trip 2.

Hello every body. This time is dinner of 2nd days. I went to the Sushi zanmai.


Delicious!. Thank you.

Japan trip 1.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japan other day. I show the move to Japan of 1st day this time.

787 this time.

take off.

Arrive at HND.

I stay at Royal park hotel the Haneda this time.

Good night.

So, Please enjoy it in the photo album.
LINK  https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ambxm6cL1U-EjwPgTs2aJIRIq0C0
Thank you.

Sea life ocean world.

Hello every body. I went to the “Sea life ocean world” in Siam paragon at Siam Bangkok other day. It’s a very fan place for family. If you have a work permit or Thailand visa, Please bring it. You can get the discount price when show it. Thank you.


Pororo Water Park.

Hello everybody. I went to the Pororo water park in Central plaza Bangna Bangkok other day. It’s very fan place and it focus for the Kids and family.
At 1st. Please buy the ticket. If you have a work permit, Please show it. Additionally, If your mobile phone with contract to AIS, you can get the more discount.

Next, Please charge of some money for your wristband.

Then, please buy the rental locker key.


You can refund wristband money at final gate. Thank you.

Seafood restaurant Chariot Bangsaen.

Hello everybody. I went to the seafood restaurant in seaside of Si Racha Thailand other day. It’s a Chariot Bangsaen.

Delicious!. Thank you.

J-park of Si-Racha.

Hello everybody. I went to the J-park Nihon mura in Si-Racha otherday. Seems like, it’s a small Japan. It has a many Japanese restaurant and Japanese products shop exist.
LINK  https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ambxm6cL1U-EiUsUctmI_B3FjM4i

Thank you.