Hello. Autumn came to Japan. The temperature drops. Autumn leaves are beautiful. Thank you.



2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Hello everybody. I went to the Tokyo motor show other day. I love cars. Thank you.


Setagaya ramen noodle.

Hello. I got a very famous ramen restaurant ramen noodle other day. It’s a Setagaya (せたが屋). It’s very delicious ramen. Perfect!. Thank you.


Happy Halloween.

Hello everybody.
I made a lightning McQueen of jack o lantern few years ago.
Happy Halloween. Thank you.

Luxury grilled beef.

Hello everybody. I went to the Luxury grilled beef restaurant other day. This sirloin stake melts away in the mouth. Very delicious. Thank you. 


Hello. Tonight my dinner is Osashimi.

One is a Hon-maguro Chuu Toro.(本まぐろの中トロ)
Another one is a Buri. (ぶり)
Both I cooked carpaccio. Very good. Thank you.

Short trip.

Hello. I went to the Hokkaido short trip other day. It’s a favorite my place. Mainly delicious local food. So, please enjoy it in photo album. Thank you.
LINK →!Atfbch0lTaqQ115OrHJChMgwHajV