Hello everybody. I went to the Sushi restaurant other day. I love Sushi. Thank you.




Canned food.

Hello everybody. I got a canned food other day. It’s Red snow crab. It’s delicious!. Thank you.

Pocky choco banana.

Hello everybody. I got a souvenir from friend of Thailand other day.
It’s Pokey Choco Banana flavor. It’s special sold at Thailand. Good. Thank you.


Hello. Autumn came to Japan. The temperature drops. Autumn leaves are beautiful. Thank you.


2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Hello everybody. I went to the Tokyo motor show other day. I love cars. Thank you.


Setagaya ramen noodle.

Hello. I got a very famous ramen restaurant ramen noodle other day. It’s a Setagaya (せたが屋). It’s very delicious ramen. Perfect!. Thank you.


Happy Halloween.

Hello everybody.
I made a lightning McQueen of jack o lantern few years ago.
Happy Halloween. Thank you.